Christmas Concert at Horizon TOMORROW NIGHT!

Grab a chair and a cup of coffee and join us at Horizon Books in downtown Traverse City this coming Saturday, December 17th from 8:30-10:30 PM. You’ll hear soothing piano-vocal arrangements of many of the traditional Christmas songs that celebrate the true spirit of the season including songs off the Christmas CD “The Gift of Christmas Peace.” We had a great time together at Baker Books in Grand Rapids last week; it was great to sing and hear the 3-part harmonies! (Celtic Woman watch out!) and we’ll be bringing most of the same musicians back again this Saturday; Melanie Stoll on keyboard and vocals, Sue Gillett on vocals and Mike Gillett on concertina. We may have a few surprise guests as well!

If you have a few minutes, we also invite you to go to YouTube and watch the music video for the song “The Holly and The Ivy” off the Christmas album. (It seems to be a favorite!) clickhere In a few verses, it speaks to many of the reasons we celebrate Christmas. We’d love it if you help us to get the “Word” out! If you like it, just click “like it!” and please share with anyone else you think would enjoy it as well including any of your Facebook friends.

This year, we also created a Christmas album download card with a matching greeting card. (I hear CD’s will soon be a thing of the past! I guess it’s time to get rid of my cassettes) We’ll be making the cards and CD’s available at Horizon Books or just email me.

We just got word that Savannah Buist will be joining us!. Savannah is an amazing violin player. As you listen to her, you’ll also be amazed at what a gift she has for her age – she is currently in high school. She comes by her gift naturally as her parents are professional musicians as well. You can listen to Savannah’s band “Treehuggers” HERE and you can hear Savannah and her parents Rick and Amber Buist HERE.

We also hope to have Howard King join us to do a special reading about the famous Christmas Truce of 1914. Howard is best known for having been the voice of Michigan Stadium for Wolverine football for 33 years. Howard is also a former marine.

And, we hope to have a couple other special guests join us. It’s going to be a great night!

And in the true spirit of the Christmas season, how about bringing an item or two for the local food pantry? (We’ll deliver it)

Merry Christmas,


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