Reviews for The Gift of Christmas Peace

Barbara’s new Christmas album, The Gift of Christmas Peace, has been getting some great reviews lately! Here are just couple to whet your appetite – more are coming soon!

Northern Express

Singer-songwriter Barbara Faith Jordan is well known on the local acoustic music scene as a member of the Northern Michigan Songwriters in the Round. She writes socially-conscious songs and also has a background in pop music from her years of performing downstate. As her name implies, Jordan’s music also has a faith component, and

that shines through on The Gift of Christmas, which is a selection of classic carols and hymns, including “The Holly and the Ivy,” “What Child is This,” “Silent Night” and other favorites.

“Last year we put together a simple piano-vocal CD of soothing Christmas songs to remind us of who and what we are celebrating this season,” she says of her project. “We made the album available to some friends and family and a few folks who came to some music performances last year. This fall we have revisited this album and added some more instrumentation (strings, cello, bells, etc), and now are officially releasing it this Christmas season. We wanted to keep the arrangements simple so the messages in the songs wouldn’t get lost.”

Jordan’s fans will find that she outdoes herself on this disc, with the beautiful bell tones of her vocals complemented by the Windham Hill-style piano work of Dave Proulx. The CD was produced by Andy Mitchell of Audio Bay Studios.


Blogger bongolong said of Barbara’s new album:

“Barbara’s music, simply put, is music simply put. The simple yet elegant arrangements provided by Dave Proulx on piano allows one to sit and hear the words of these songs given to us by a warm, honest and loving voice. This is the first time I’ve actually listened to the lyrics of “Breath of Heaven” and I was moved to tears!”

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Christmas Forever

Christmas Forever author Susan had this to say about The Gift of Christmas Peace:

“If you appreciate music, especially Christmas music, as much as I do, I’m sure you will enjoy this CD. This is an early Christmas present from me to all of you.”

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